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  100% Anonymous SMS
  Send SMS messages from any phone number
  Global coverage to over 500 networks
  Fast SMS delivery
  Real-Time message status reports
  Free online address book
  Free anonymous SMS sending software
  HLR Lookup (verify recipient number before sending SMS)
  Perfect for prank text messages
  Fantastic, friendly support


Why Choose SneakSMS Over Other Providers?


  Free registration with SneakSMS
  We're trustworthy! We've been here since August 2005!
  Real UK based company
  Powerful servers for solid reliability
  We're always working on new features
  We have loads more features than other providers
  Great value for money
  Credits are instantly added to your account after payment (small delay on first time purchase whilst it is manually checked)
  24 hour friendly support through our ticketed support system
  In depth FAQs to answer the most commonly asked questions quickly
  We will never send spam or any adverts to your phone or email address
  We're not hiding anything - our full address is on our website!